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So happy to hear you will have surgery soon and hopefully you find relief of your symptoms. I eagerly await your progress reports.

It completely sucks about the bb thread. I wonder if the folks have found another place to post?

I will see a cardiologist next Friday and since I'm sure the chest pains are not heart-related, I should get the go-ahead from him. So I will get both the endoscopy and colonscopy the week after.

Do/did you get chest pains from your hernia? I can't figure out why I have chest pains if I supposedly have LPR? The first two weeks were really painful, like 8 on the scale of 1-10. Now, I just have a dull ache. The pain is located approximately around my left breast area. The pain is pronounced after eating and exertion. I thought it was from the nexium but I still have the pain while on the protonix. The pain though is lessening every day and is now intermittent rather than constant. My throat pain and globus is intermittent too. It's back today after disappearing for a few days.

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