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I started Nexium six weeks ago and three days into it, I had severe chest pains which lasted for two weeks. Since then I've had intermittent chest chain and almost constant dull ache on the left side. I have mentioned this to the ENT, GP and Gastro and they all shrug. They don't seem to think it's related to PPI use. I HAD to get cardio testing and see a cardiologist because the Gastro won't do an endoscopy on me until my heart is okayed for sedation. More $$$.

I was switched to Protonix last week and it is easier on my bowel movements than Nexium was. I spent all morning at the cardiologist and did my fourth test on the heart. I scored above average in the stress test. My ekg, echocardiogram and chest x-ray all came out normal.

I'm done. I'm not taking anymore PPI medication until my endoscopy and colonscopy (which I'm positive will be fine since I've stopped the Nexium). I don't know if the PPI are causing my problems, but I have the next 10 days for my experiment. I didn't take Protonix this morning and yeah, my throat is sore. The ENT diagnosed me with silent reflux because of this one symptom. The PPI seem to help with the sore throat somewhat, but never got rid of it.

I'll update and let you know if the chest pain does indeed subside without the PPI.

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