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Most of those symptoms I have as well. I have the feeling of something in my throat. Now it is toward the back of my throat and down toward where my chest bone starts. I have also had food come back up. Isn't that gross :rolleyes: I have had a stomach ache for days too but that is gone and I have a sore throat I have from the constint clearing of the throat and coughing to try and clear my throat. I am on a PPI Protonix and we'll see what happens. I was on Zantax and it worked too, but this is a bit stronger they say and I have to stay on it 6 weeks. I've been on this for 3 days now. I try and drink water as much as I can. 8-12 glasses of water to relief my throat and stop the coughing I do to clear it. I have had two doctors tell me that is what it is and not to worry about anything else. Of course we do, but I figure if this sore throat doesn't go away in a week, then I might worry more. GL and I hope you start feeling better. Jay

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