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i've been having a lot of intestinal problems as well as acid reflux. i just had a small bowel follow through and the acid reflux was shown on there. i've had it for years now but thought it was better so i stopped taking my meds! i just started back on the meds but i have terrible nausea. does anyone have any over the counter wonders for nausea? this is probably the most irritating symptom at the moment.
I had constant nausea and acid reflux for 6 weeks. OTC cola syrup worked a bit. However, since I read about apple cider vinegar on this board and tried one tablespoon before meals, I've been cured of all nausea and indigestion. It's like a miracle. I would definitely recommend trying it.
i have tried coke syrup. helps temporarily. the RAW apple cider is working well! i tried it last night!!! yay! i still have nausea but i'm hoping it passes with my continued use of prilosec and apple cider. thanks again!!!

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