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I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had this problem, or might know what it is. For a while know I've been getting constant chest pains between my breasts, right under the breast bone. I take Acid Reflux medicine but that doesn't relieve the chest pain, just the upper stomach pain (the doctor though I might have an ulcer as a result of taking too much ibuprofen last summer).

I'm worried because sometimes the pain moves over to the right side of my chest, and sometimes to the left. I don't think it's gas because I have it constantly. Sometimes my throat will also swell, along with my tonsils. I often have trouble swallowing at these times. Sometimes it's only the lower esophogus that is swollen, and i dont' know until I eat something.

I currently take Birth Control (low ogestrel), eqaute vision formula (vitamins), vitamin C (500mg), a multi-vitamin, and Nexium (Acid Reflux). The BC and Nexium were all I took until just recently. The pain has been there for about 6 months. Sometimes it becomes only a dull feeling, but evently goes into a stinging pain.

My chiropractor thought maybe it was spinal, and worked on the area between my shoulder blades. The pain was eased a bit, but still hasn't gone away. (I'm also very big busted, if that's of any use) The pain is a bit worse after I eat, but not always.

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