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Re: Aciphex & LPR
Jan 21, 2006
Hi Steve and Andrea,

My problems also started recently, in July. Out of the blue, I woke up one night in the middle of the night with a choking sensation. I had NEVER had any problems before that night. I never get heartburn, just my throat symptoms: tight throat; shortness of breath; need to clear throat constantly; pulling at collars of shirts; burning throat; sore throat; feeling of a golf ball stuck in my throat, etc.! Sometimes I have GI problems with all this: constipation, bloating, gnawing hunger pains, which again I NEVER had before.

I had an endo and they found inflammation and prescribed Aciphex. Again, everyone is different, but Aciphex gave me stomach pain, so I was switched to Zegerid, which worked well for 2 months, then seemed to lose effectiveness. So now I'm on Prevacid, 1x per day, and it works really well for me. In addition I am on some supplements that have really helped: digestive enzymes, probiotics, immune boosters. With this combo and lifestyle changes (elevated head of bed; careful diet; smaller meals; no food after about 7 PM; relaxation-stress can be a trigger for all this, so I've made a conscious attempt to reduce stress) my symptoms are doing a lot better. Granted, I still can't go out and eat Mexican food, but I am functioning again fairly normally.

Steve, I also thought it was a food allergy at first, actually had extensive allergy testing. They also checked my heart, abdominal ultrasound, gastric emptying test, etc. I also have a borderline thyroid, so have wondered about that, but the most recent test was normal-have you asked for thyroid testing?

Hope this helps, Skylar

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