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Re: Aciphex & LPR
Jan 29, 2006
Hello, thanks for your reply. I have to agree with you I was happy to find this healthboard too and seeing there are others out there that had the same problems as me. My friends I know wonder how can someone always feel sick. When are you going to the doctor? For now if your symptoms get that bad why don't you try the prilosec OTC until you can get a perscription? Or even zantac or pepcid. I do the same with the small meals and gerd diet. Yesterday I finally ate a hamburger. I thought what the heck my throat burns anyways and I was fine :) I am taking antibiotics now and have not been taking my PPI's since last week.To be honest since I don't have the problem at night I don't sleep elevated and I don't have a problem until later morning. I will post your question for you. Also please let me know how your doctor appt. goes. Have you ever gone to a Ear Nose and Throat doctor. They have a camera they can look right in your nose and throat which is not as invasive as the endoscopy. If this doctor does not give you much help try one of those. My doctors did not give me a referal right away so I just went and paid for it myself.

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