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How would you tell
Jan 25, 2006
If the discomfort is from your airways or your esophagus? They located in the same area. I've had GERD problems for years with the endoscopy each year take all the pills which none seem to work or make worse. but the last month it feels like grains of sand down my throat to the end of the breastbone, one day I have it then the next day ok. My throat in the adams apple area has been aching and tender for over a month, hoarseness most of the time but it to comes and goes or it's only for some of the day and some not. I don't get it, the esophagus runs with the airways and I do have constant nose drainage and throat clearing. I have less heartburn but more throat ache or burn however I can describe it. I'm always aware of the irritation and lately I do get some mild chest pain on and off. Is this something for the ENT Dr or should I go back to the gastro dr again? He spent all of 2004 and 2005 trying to get heartburn under control but it only lasted a couple months, since July 2004 to May 2005 it was 24/7, calmed down for a couple months and started up in October and it is constant again , give a day or two here and there for relief. I take Nexium, Protonix, Prilosec OTC, and none worked enough but made the throat worse. Which dr would you go to? Somtimes I think my heart palpatations I've had since June are coming from acid reflux cuz the heart was ruled out. I just wish one could tell at home without tests to determine where the irritation comes from, I know when I eat it feels better while eating but a few minutes later it's irritated again. I give up!

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