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Acid Reflux / GERD Board Index 17 year old male and im new to this site ... well like three months ago i started getting alot of mucus in my throat so i decided to go to my doctor to get checked out and she gave me some antibiotics which didnt help so i went again and she gave me some more antibiotics and a steroid nasal spray and that didnt help out very here i am still with all this mucus stuck in my throat and ive been reading about GERD and i do have alot of the symptoms that gerd is known for.. my upper middle part of my stomach hurts (just like some sharp pains) then it feels like the sharp pains are under my ribs but they come and go..i also have some back pain every time i sit up straight it feels like my upper back pops! i also have some shoulder pain..and chest pain and sometimes i have some trouble swallowing food.....o and also sometimes when im laying down and i get up suddenly it feels like theres something moving around in my stomach in the upper middle part of my wondering if this sounds like GERD because im really worried it might be something bad like stomach cancer but all these symptoms have come to me recently ive only had them for like two weeks..any advice or heip on what this could be would be greatly appreciated thanks guyz

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