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Feb 2, 2006
Ok, so i just got the results of my biopsy back from the doctor and he basically said that they found some inflammation and acid reflux, and that i should keep taking the aciphex once a day and come back and see him in a year so he can represcribe the med. i had two small burns i guess you could call them in my esophagus down by my throat and im guessing thats what was causing the pain in the first place, (i have no heartburn or anything like that)and thats why i went to get the endoscopy done. so my question is, since they found this so early, and since im so young (20), is this just something that ill take meds for and wont be an issue, or is it going to continually get worse as i get older? also, do u think that the pain was just caused from the burns and will go away once they heal?

thanks in advance for any help.

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