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Re: Gerd Symptoms
Jun 20, 2006
I just read through all these posts on this thread about GERD symptoms and found it very interesting and even some humor which helps.
I had an endoscope a year ago and was told I had acid reflux but symptoms have gotten real bad lately for the last month or so. My symptoms are:

[*]belching after drinking or eating anything
[*]pain in chest left side mostly
[*]dry hacking annoying cough
[*]post nasal drip and ear problems

I also have pain in back but also have spine problems (spondylolithesis and arthritis) so that could be from that.
I find that ibuprophen irritates my stomach sometimes so I stay away from it unless my back is too painful, but don't want to take any other meds. I've tried Prevacid a few times and it does help but don't want to take it every day. I also take Gaviscon at times.
Lynniebellz, I am interested in your homeopathic treatment. Please do post more info on that. I am very careful of what I eat, but sometimes that doesn't even matter. Then other days I can eat pizza and drink a beer and I'm fine!!
This can and does make me crazy.
Thanks for starting this thread and best to all.
Re: Gerd Symptoms
Aug 3, 2006
9. In the meantime, I was prescribed Nexium. 2 40 mg tablets per day--one every 12 hours. I had mentioned that a friend of mine let me try some Nexium and it seemed to ease my discomfort so she hooked me up with a lot of samples of that and Aciphex but I've never taken any of the Aciphex. So I started taking the Nexium and it seemed that in a few days my symptoms started getting better. I was actually able to eat without having pain which was impossible before. Don't get me wrong, I still have heartburn and all that, but I mean pain as far as the food not going down... that stopped happening. My throat stopped swelling. Things were looking up.

10. After eating very light foods and/or just not eating for days and days, I was getting pretty tired of it. I figured I'd eaten OK types of foods and now it was time to indulge. So last Saturday night, I went to Subway and got another 12 inch pizza sub. Huge mistake. I didn't start getting sick that night. But Sunday I was not allowed to eat anything except light foods because the x-ray was Monday, so I just decided to eat some chips and ranch dip. LOL. Stupid idea. But I love it and had been wanting ranch dip for a long time so I figured I'd go ahead and eat it. That was the night I started to feel like total crap again. Just the usual, breathing difficulty, severe heartburn, etc. No vomiting this time, though.

11. Monday was the day of the x-ray. I hadn't eaten anything since midday Sunday. I was starving. I did the x-ray with no problems at all except I thought the barium burned when it was going down. The Dr. performing the test had me drink water while lying down on the table and he pointed on the screen and had me watch where it came back up after going down. I couldn't see this part but he also said that when I was lying on my left side, it was going a little crazy. He took about a zillion pictures of whatever was going on with that. Not half as many while I was lying on my right side. He said it was much much worse when I laid on my left side. He and the technician were talking about it while I was lying there and I was actually getting a little scared because both of them just seemed completely amazed. Anyway, after he did the x-ray, he said that he didn't see evidence of ulcers or anything and that I did have acid reflux. He didn't say how bad, and I obviously don't know how to read an x-ray so it's not like I could gauge that myself.

12. I figured I'd wait and let the Dr's office call me this time, even though I was still feeling miserable. I pretty much just laid around the house all day and would go out for maybe an hour or so every evening. But when I start having one of my "attacks" as I call them, it totally interferes with whatever I am doing and I'm pretty much useless. I feel like I have no oxygen and my stomach hurts so bad. I went out, like I said, a couple of times. Tuesday night I was out and started getting sick again so I called my mom and told her I was going to the ER. I still hadn't heard from the Dr's office. My mom told me to come home and go to bed, because the ER didn't help me the last time and they pretty much just told me it was all in my head and acted like I was doing it to myself, without the proper amount of tests, might I add. So I came home, but then I started thinking about it all again and started freaking out and couldn't calm myself down because I was just so sure that it was something way worse and afraid they might've messed up and it might be my heart or my gallbladder or something else that could kill me pretty quickly. My heart started racing and and I was pacing back and forth and feeling like I was suffocating. I took a Valium, laid down, and was asleep in probably twenty minutes. I had never taken a Valium before but I had to do something. I was really sleepy but literally afraid to go to sleep.

13. The next day, I called the Dr.'s office. This was yesterday. My results were in. She said "You don't have any ulcers or anything but you have acid reflux pretty bad." And I said "how bad?" and she said "It's REALLY bad." She told me that with the extremity of the situation, I might never be able to eat pretty much any of the foods I normally eat. I'm a picky eater--greasy, fried, cheesy, spicy, that sort of thing... She said that MAYBE after taking the Nexium for about a month it might heal up enough to where I can eat these foods just every once in a while, but that might not even happen. She said I could take something OTC on top of the Nexium if I wanted to. She gave me some more Nexium, as well. They want me to keep taking them 2x daily. I'm now also taking Zantac.

14. Last night, I went out but started feeling sick again. I came home, and had a lot of trouble but finally made it to sleep. This morning I got up and felt alright, but then later on I felt sick again. I haven't been able to even eat yet. My throat started to feel like it was swelling again a bit earlier and I finally took an allergy pill and that actually made it feel like it was going down. My stomach is burning a little bit right now and I have a little chest pain but I am better than I was yesterday I suppose.

I know this has been long, and I'm trying to finish up, but I just wanted to see if anyone else's experience has been similar to this. To date, my symptoms have been:
-Sore throat (mornings mostly)
-Chest pain... left side, right side, middle. Sometimes an actual pain. Sometimes just severe burning. Sometimes a little bit of a squeezing feeling.
-Difficulty breathing, as in it feels like there is something humongous sitting on my chest and I have to concentrate on breathing
-Feeling as though I have to burp but most of the time I am unable
-A crampy feeling right below my sternum as though something is being twisted into a knot. This usually lasts just for a few seconds. It comes in spurts, maybe once or twice every day or so.
-Diarrhea/constipation alternating
-Vomiting. Actual vomiting, not just regurgitation. I've had the regurgitation too, though.
-Sharp pain, left side, below rib cage
-Back pain
-Arm pain (both arms)
-Stomach cramps
-Feeling as though something is on fire in my stomach
-Severe heartburn
-Intestinal pain when using the bathroom
-Excess gas.
I think that's it. I know... that is a lot of symptoms, huh? Note that obviously this doesn't all happen at once. The ones that I always have are the breathing thing, the chest tightness, gas and heartburn--that comes with every attack. The rest are thrown in here and there.
I feel decent right now so I am not going to waste this precious time--I'm getting out of here and going to do something. If anyone has had a similar experience or any advice to offer, please respond. This is getting pretty bad. Thanks.

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