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Re: Gerd Symptoms
Feb 24, 2006
I just had an endoscopy this week and was told I have 'inflammation in my esophagus and stomach' as well as gastritis. The doctor put me on Aciphex 20mg once a day.

I'm wondering if I have GERD because looking at the symptoms listed here, I seem to have them in addition to acid reflux.

achy feeling in chest
pain in mid upper back (but I also have a spasm I'm being treated for)
scratchy throat when I wake up

I've also started having racing heart symptoms but only since I started the meds. It also seems like the other symptoms have gotten worse since I started the meds. Is this normal? Is it the healing process?
Did any of you notice the racing heart BEFORE meds? Maybe some of these are reactions to meds.
Re: Gerd Symptoms
May 22, 2006
[QUOTE=LovesTeaching]I've read all the posts in this thread, and I've had pretty much every symptom listed. There is one symptom I have, though, that no one has mentioned...

Is anyone actually vomiting from the GERD? I've been experiencing this problem for several weeks now. Going in for an endoscopy/pH study on June 1. My GI doc is not convinced that the vomiting is from the GERD. I am, though.[/QUOTE]

Vomiting - or more correctly, regurgitation - is definitely a possibility with GERD. I'm surprised noone has mentioned it. My mother had that as her prime characteristic - along with difficulty swallowing. The latter often led directly to the former. (My mom also has several other digestive issues, not just GERD, however.)

Apparently, if you have a weak sphincter (which is apparently true GERD), naturally stomach contents can wash backward up your esophagus. Sometimes, I guess, you have such powerful backwash that it just comes out your mouth. Not to mention it should happen if you hang upside down! This is the difference between regurgitation and vomiting - regurgitation is the incidental loss of control (here, via open sphincter) that leads to literally passively "losing" your cookies! Vomiting is the deliberate forceful action of the stomach to eject and eliminate its contents; you actively "toss" your cookies! (Actually I found out about this stuff when researching for megaesophagus for my dog - no, she doesn't have it, but I was once scared she did. Similar end result where the foodstuff gets caught in the esophagus, so "pointing the wrong way" can "let loose" the contents - regurgitation.)

So I would ask - do you feel sick? Do you feel like you have flu, especially when you "vomit"? Does your tummy hurt, even if just muscular pain after the fact? Or does it "just happen", with no warning really or no pain at all, like it did with my mom? Mom especially had problems when she could hardly swallow right (so it would "give up" and just come back out because it couldn't go down). I would tell the doctor your exact symptoms when you "vomit". He should be asking "how do you vomit", and "how do you feel".
Re: Gerd Symptoms
Aug 3, 2006
This is a chronicle of what has been happening to me during the past 3.5 weeks.

1. Approximately 6 AM one morning I was trying to sleep but kept being jolted awake because my heart was racing. Felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest and I was having trouble breathing. Could breathe, but had to really concentrate on it. It didn't just come naturally, like always. Went away in about 30 minutes. I thought it was due to stress.

2. A few days after the first incident, I had just come home from a funeral and stopped at Subway on the way to get a 12 inch pizza sub. I ate, then went back out. While I was out, I started having the heavy chest/breathing difficulty problem again. I felt like if I could burp or throw up or something it would all be better. I threw up several times while out... then I ended up coming home. Once at home, I threw up literally about 15 times. My mind was racing with thoughts that I was going to die. Just as I was considering going to the ER, it all started to slowly fade away. It lasted a few hours. Again, I thought "panic attack."

3. The next day, I was fine most of the day. But then I was driving and suddenly started having the breathing thing again. I freaked out this time and went to the ER because I was like "this has to be figured out." They asked me questions, did an EKG, and then bloodwork. They said all that came back completely normal so with the symptoms I was having, they figured it was a panic attack. They prescribed Vistaril 3x daily and it made me feel like I didn't know who or what I was or that I was even in this world. But I took it for a couple of days before I quit. My symptoms just got worse.

4. A couple days after the ER trip, I was still feeling miserable. I called my mom and told her I was going to go back to the ER. She came over and talked to me about the way I was feeling and she said my cousin had these symptoms with her gallbladder problems and had to have it removed. I called my other cousin, who is an RN at a Dr's office, and she also said it sounds like it might be gallstones.

5. The next day, I went to the Dr. where my cousin works. That Dr. said she also had the same problems when she had gallstones. She described the way my breathing felt and everything. I hate to say it, but I was actually excited to think that might be the problem. Because if so, at least I knew what was wrong with me and that there was something that could be done. I'd say about half the people I know have had their gallbladders removed and all of them have said they've had very little, if any complications at all. The Dr. scheduled me for an upper right quadrant ultrasound.

6. All that week I had to suffer because I was waiting for my ultrasound. You would think they'd have you in there quick because a gallbladder can rupture, but no, the hospital didn't think it was urgent enough so I had to wait about five days. Once I had the ultrasound, I went home, called the Dr.'s office and had my cousin get the Dr. to call the hospital and get the results. It was Friday and I wasn't waiting until Monday to get the written results in. She called me back and said the test was completely normal and that there was nothing wrong with my gallbladder as far as having gallstones. She said the Dr. was thinking she might have me go for a HIDA-scan. She said if my symptoms didn't improve over the weekend, call her on Monday.

7. All weekend long, I was having problems, and I was experiencing more and more symptoms every day. My throat started to swell, and it was miserable trying to eat. I hadn't eaten anything really in days, and then when I finally ate a little, it hurt really badly, so I just stopped. I was hungry and of course that was probably causing me more complications, in retrospect, but if I ate I got really really sick. I was still throwing up and it was pure stomach acid. Monday, my grandparents wanted to take me out to lunch, so I went out with them. I ordered chicken strips and curly fries. I think if they'd have known how sick I was, they wouldn't have let me get that, haha. As I was eating, I started getting HORRIBLE pain in my stomach. It was about the most severe case of heartburn I've ever had in my entire life. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. And the food felt as though it was not going all the way down. Every bite I would take felt as though it was sticking somewhere just below my esophagus, like at the chest, but not quite all the way down into the stomach. I got so sick after eating that I could barely stand up. I went home and fell asleep, and when I woke up, it was too late to call the Dr.

8. Called the Dr. that Tuesday, which was not this week but the week before. I explained that I was having more symptoms and told her what they were. I told her my throat would sometimes swell and it would burn when I woke up in the morning, sometimes well into the day. I told her that just about any food really hurt my stomach and that I was kind of afraid to eat anything at all. I explained I was still having the difficulty breathing, and now having more chest pain than I had initially been having. She asked if I regularly had heartburn and I told her I've been having severe heartburn for a year or so, probably due in part to the large quantities of aspirin I was taking on a daily basis (for migraines and other sorts of headaches). I also explained that I would often throw up stomach acid, because that has been ongoing for quite some time as well. She said it sounded like an extreme case of acid reflux, maybe GERD. She scheduled an upper GI x-ray (barium swallow) for me.


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