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Re: Gerd Symptoms
Apr 9, 2006
Curious if this could be GERD related. During the day I am usually feeling fine. Of course I watch what I eat to avoid flare ups, but during the night, a few hours after I fall asleep, I awake with a weird stomach pain at the top of my belly - with a slight nausea at times. Besides belching a lot I just feel uncomfortable. Can this be caused by GERD or am I facing some other problem?
Re: Gerd Symptoms
May 6, 2006
JJ and Debbie - your symptons sound like you have a hiatal hernia as well as your GERD. Try Gaviscon and see if it relievs some of the pain.

I used to suffer from a HH, but don't get the pains any more. It was triggered by food and felt as if someone had a knife shoved in my chest and it protruded through my back..and the culprit was twisting it.

As far as my GERD symptons......

I had always suffered from a bittery acidic taste when waking up - depending on the meal the night before. But one night in the first or second year of my marriage, I woke from a dead sleep in a panic gasping for air..I was literally beating the sheeeet out of my wife to wake her up and have her help me. I had no idea what it was. She thought I was snoring and inhaled the pillow.

Over the past 8-9 years, I have done this several I seem to start waking up as soon as the acidic taste starts to hit mentioned, TUMS, ROLAIDS nor Malox seem to help. I have found some relief on Pepto Bismol IF the symptoms are really just starting.

I had all the symptoms...coughing, acid aspiration, panic attacks while asleep, horrible taste and burn in the throat that you just can't cough out..sometimes nausea with it.

About a yeay and a half ago, I developed a severe pain in my chest (right between my breast) when swallowing anything....I went two weeks and more without eating anything and living off of sips of water that made me cry like a baby..weirdly enough, I found Pepsi was the only other tolerable drink I could find.

The bad thing - this was during Thanksgiving...that was murder on a guy who likes to eat.

I was under a lot of stress, or had been, for we had just moved in our house that I built (75% on my night...while working a 40 hr week day job).

My GP (General Practitioner) scheduled a barium swallow and a chest X-Ray. The pain was so great trying to swallow the barium that I nearly passed out. I could not get enough down to even make the test worth while.

I also had excessive/uncontrollable fever (103+) that would not break as well as flu like symptoms. My GP was clueless (not just on my problem either). I went a week with double rocephin (sp?) shots every day. He pretty much told me that it was in my head, but he ordered me to see an ENT any how.

The ENT ordered an endoscopy, but by the time he could get me in, I was already getting over the pain and was starting to return to normal.

The endoscopy showed SEVERE Esophogial Inflammation. He would only relate it to acid reflux and a possible ulcer on/around my diaphragm area.....

That pain eventually went away and I returned to a normal diet (anything and everything I wanted)..........

Until about a week ago.

I was sick with an upset stomach last Sunday and ended up having a very....relinquishing vomit spell. I vomited approximately half a gallon of this black liquid into the trash can by my side (sorry to be so gross).

The next morning I felt great and was ready for work. I started noticing an all too familiar pain in my esophogus when I would swallow liquids. Food has not effected it any where near as bad.

The pain in swallowing has gotten progressively worse - no where near where it was last time, but it is pretty feels like a heart attack (or so I am told).

Again, I have found relief in Pepsi (I know it's weird) and I have also found that if I stretch my shoulders out and back and hold my arms up some whil I try to doesn't hurt when I actually swallow, but when I go back to a relaxed position, I have that real quick sharp pain. All though it doesn't last as long as when I swallow normally.

However, I look like I am posing for a scarecrow when I drink like that and my wife says I look stupid so I don't usually do that move....

went to a new GP today and she diagnosed me with GERD..named off a bunch of symptoms (all of which I had) and she has ordered another attempt at the barium this Thursday (I think I can do it this time).

I actually ate a full meal today - well, I ate all my chicken nuggets from wasn't easy, but I ate them.

I will let you know what the barium drink does this time....the GP also re-ordered copies of the Endoscopy from a yer and a half ago. She wants to have a look at them.

I "refused" another endo for the moment as my wife is going in Wednesday for a partial hystorectomy (she is only 28)..with 3 kids, we can't both be laid up in bed.

I am 33 now, was treated for thyroid cancer when I was 17 (thyroid removed), am being treated for high blood pressure and excessive heart rate - as well as asthma (from repeated acid aspirations - or could be the other way around..acid aspirations related from asthmatic spells while asleep)....

And now this.....what next?? My balls gonna fall off? :eek: :dizzy: No worries, after the 3rd child, i had a vasectomy (you would have too if you owned him)

Sorry - had to try some sort of humor after I bored you with all my ailments...

Amy one else have similar problems or adjoining "diseases" (thyroid problems/asthma)?

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