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Re: Gerd Symptoms
Feb 25, 2006
Okay help with some symptoms. I have been having for about a month pain/pressure in the center of my chest and right under my breast bone. Also have been very sore to the side of both breasts and on my ribs. The pain has also moved into my left shoulder and arm as well as jaw. I have some tmj to begin with. Well like most people here i hit the ER. Five times actually. After 5 normal ekg's 3 sets of normal blood work, 4 normal chest xrays and even a completely normal echocardiogram im still not 100% convienced that its not heart realted, should i be? They said everything was 100% okay with my heart on all these tests, did they miss something that another test may pick up? Well i did have a endoscopy done and i have sever esophageal erosion and take prevacid. It takes care of the acid burning when i eat or drink but now i have this chest pain. I have taken naproken 500mg but it is no help at all. I also seem to get spasms in my upper abdomen when i lie down for a while. Rest does not help nor does activity seem to make it worse. This has been causing me a ton of anxiety and stress which im sure is not helping. Anyone have any suggestions or relations to this??? :confused:
Re: Gerd Symptoms
Mar 14, 2006
Same here mt EKG's are always normal and I have had about 6 of them! Normal blood work again about 6 tests. Normaly xrays. About 5 of them. Normal echocardiogram only one of those. Normal doplar with the echo. Normal urine tests. Yet STILL i have the chest pressure, left side of my jaw pain and pain in my left arm. What the hell :confused: Also have the pain on the left side of the breast area. Especially on the rib cage. I get the neck pain too.

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