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I recently had a lot of wheezing and tightness in my chest. My doctor swears that it was aspiration from my acid reflux. It feels like a chest cold however I do not have any nasal or head congestion. I have a horrible croupy sounding, unproductive cough. He put me on a steriod for 5 or 6 days along with Muscinex expectorant. I asked him to put me on an antibiotic but he refused. Does anyone else ever get acid reflux aspiration and how was it treated for you? Thank you~
Thank you aswander for your prompt and very informative replay. I guess I was too vague in my description of my problem. I have been having endoscopies every 2 years for the past 6 years. I was diagnosed with barrett's esophogus and the last time I was checked, everything looked ok. Years ago my gastrointerologist told me I did have larngeal pharyngeal reflux and explained something about a "flap" not opening and closing properly and that's why I choke easily. You are very precise in your prognosis and very knowledgable in what can be done. I've been on Aciphex for about 6 years now and for some reason, I still get the reflux. I take it each morning and I sometimes take Rolaids or Tums before bed (( get alot of heartburn). Sometimes I can just be sitting down and all of a sudden I reflux and get choked. I sometimes can't breathe and it feels like I've strangled on liquid. I hate choking, not being able to swallow sometimes and I hate this reflux. This episode I have now though is like I've got a horrid chest cold. I cough hard and my chest burns and aches. This steriod my doctor put me on has completely stopped my wheezing but the congestion is still bad. Whenever I get a chest cold, I seem to have to go on an antibiotic to cure it. That's why I don't know why he refused to put me on one now. Do antibiotics not work with steriods? I haven't been able to lay down and sleep in 4 nights now. The steriods have my heart beating rapidly and I feel worried. I called my doctor back today to tell him about this but he said to give the steriods the full 6 days and told me to take xanax for my anxiety. I have been drinking hot tea to try to relieve this chest congestion and taking muscinex expectorant. I just don't know what else to do. I guess I just wasn't sure HOW doc knew it was reflux and not a chest cold. I don't know why he feels steriods are the answer when I've never had them before. My grandfather died of esophogeal cancer (many years ago) and I have a brother and nephew who have had to have nissan fundoplication surgeries. I hope that's not my next step. I am so uncomfortable with this tight feeling in my chest right now though. Is this part of the reflux disease? Thank you again for any info you can provide!!

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