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[B]hi guys my acid reflux is 95% better after we changed the filter on our refrigerator!

my husband usually doesnt drink water but a few months ago he started drinking alot because the juices & sodas were messing up his stomach, well anyway after he started drinking water he says he noticed his acid got soo much worst, andi figured out the water was getting us sick! anyway he changed the filter on the fridge and the acid has gotten so much better! his went away totally!

i had to go back on nexium, it no longer gets me dizzy since i am eating a whole lot,but even when i was on it the acid was horrible, the filtered water has made a world of difference, i am eating everything I can eat! even prohibited foods :) i feel such a big relief after not eating for almost 3 months I am making up for it, Oh i also take gaviscon chewable antacid pills after meals and it helps a bunch especially If i feel bloated, or get chest pains and it goes away quick. so guys try drinking filtered water it might help.[/B]

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