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I had the all clear from endoscopy too,but im still getting sore feeling in the middle of my chest and pain in my back,where do we go next? doc says i may be getting reflux but its not done any damage.
The PPIs i was taking didnt really seem to do much to be honest,it just comes and goes and doesnt seem to matter what i eat or drink although i try to be healthy.
Other wrapping your gut maybe. They wanted to do that to me, I WOULD NOT DO IT. MSM helped healed my whole system until recently when NSAIDS kicked it way up.

I had FULL CARDIAC WORKUP this morning because I've been in such full blown CHEST PAIN through to the back, shoulder and arm. It has been non stop pain unless I lie down on my right side. It does not wake me up, but I'm a miserable puppy while up and awake. Am finally feeling like DOING NOTHING.

Librax is not helping ...neither is Prevacid. I have a call into my GI guy with the results and begging for pain relief.

I have a lower abdominal cat scan on friday..........but I need the upper GI looked at first, that's where I'm dying in pain.

This started out with a bad reaction of diverticulitis from Lodine, an anti-flammatory for arthritis, and on to this miserable situation.

HELPFUL HINTS: Has anyone found anything that helps ?

I'm watching what I eat .............and do feel hungry but dread to eat when one's chest is huring like this. Meals do not seem to bother it however.

It just hurts like a CARDIAC EVENT all the time. I get little...little reprieves every now and then, but it's pretty constant without reflux.

GEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE MC- :confused: GESSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEE this hurts. AT LEAST..........I now know it's not my heart ...........thanks heavens ! :bouncing:

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