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Hey everyone I have posted here before about my sister whom I take care of that has pain in the top of her stomach. Well the doc changed her from Nexium to protonix. No more burning in the chest but she is still haveing the pain at the top of her stomach right in the center below the chest bone. She has had the barium test which come back neg. of course.( I think that test is a waste of money). She has not had an endo done. She has recheck appt. in April. She has had melanoma before so my brain is running wild with what it could be. Of course I'm thinking the worst. I thought I would come to yall and ask yall if this could be reflux sypmtoms or something else. Should I call the gastro docs and just say I want to go ahead and schedule an endo?? Thanks guys I'm really worried. By the way most of the docs here aren't very caring. Thank you

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