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Re: Ball of fire
Mar 9, 2006
Hi, Saralyn :wave: Yes stress WILL exacerbate any condition so alleviating it as much as possible would go very much in your favor. A hiatal hernia is quite painful. When I had symptoms of that my doctor advised an over the counter med called Gaviscon. He told me it was a thicker version of mylanta when chewed that would really put a protective foam in the areas that would be affected in my esophagus and it DID help. So perhaps try that until you can get back into the doctor!!

Try avoiding caffeine, spicy foods, cheeses especially ;) and fatty/fried foods that tend to increase gastric secretions. Carbonated beverages are also something that will worsten the pain so stay away from those as well. It takes 6 weeks to clear up any symptoms related to a few days of prevacid/nexium will not do it. So be patient with the change in diet, stress levels and meds and give them a chance to work.

Blessings, there you are.....I hope you are feeling better soon. If it helps to lie on your right side do probably allows your stomach to empty better. not allow yourself to become will only worsten the condition. You do not want to become blocked up otherwise everything has no other place to go other than up and we do not want any of that happening. :nono: Just try to avoid lying down just after eating.....that is a big NONO too!! :nono: Allow a few hours to pass by before doing that.

Hope all improves for you girls....keep us posted!!

(((HUGS))) ~ Goody :angel:
Re: Ball of fire
Mar 9, 2006
Well, well, well.....................strangest thing.

Yesterday I was soooooooooooooooo bad after the heart clinic I was in tears and all but screamed at GI office whom is about to be FIRED by me. Another story. I'm $5000.00 in the hole now and have had to diagnose myself getting more help from a medical clinic than the big GI GUYS.

Desperate situations, call for desperate measures. I went through my drawers looking for ANYTHING that might help..............and I DO MEAN ANYTHING.

I came across a bottle of hydrocodone syrup that had been given to me when I had the CRUD in November. hummmmmmmmm pain medicine in the form of a syrup that would go down through my esophagus.

IT HELPED IMMEDIATELY. I finally was able to BURP.................I had not been able to get anything more than a very forced burp of air out before this. Now I have a normal burp and I'm better. It's like GAS was trapped in the left side of my esophagus/chest and now it's slowling letting out. The pain is not near as bad and it doesn't cover the whole left side of my chest...........just in one area under the left breast still through to the back.

:bouncing: YES,.............................I'll take anything I can get.

I know I'm not out of the woods yet............but to have found some relief is awesome. Maybe, just maybe it won't take 6 WEEKS to get over this horrible malady.

GI GUY calling this afternoon..............hummmmmmmmmmmmm...he's about 4 weeks late.

I'm back on pepcid as the lady said Librax would not do any many docs many old it does get.

Librax was for some reason really making the fibro worse too. Pain was awful.............I didn't take it last night and wala, I'm better with that too.

I don't know if this helps anyone and I still don't know how long before I'm totally healed, but at least.........I see LIGHT finally....I'm hoping it holds anyway.


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