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About a week ago I had some really uncomfortable chest pain. It was about 2 hours after dinner and I was laying on our bed watching TV. I got these sharp shooting pains though my chest that lasted about 5 minutes and then they were gone. No burning or center chest discomfort. Then two nights ago it happened again. It was a few hours after dinner and I was sitting in the chair watching a movie with my kids. It started as a sharp pain under my left breast and then the sharp pains spread throughout my chest. It lasted about 5 minutes and then I had an ache in the middle of my back. Everything I've read about GERD says that you get burning in the middle of your chest. I don't get that. I can remember having a couple episodes like this a year or so ago and when I mentioned it all to my Dr. she gave me a puzzled look. Can GERD come and go like that? Does anyone else experience this type pain with GERD. Someone else mentioned a possible hiatal hernia or maybe even gall bladder.
My pain is almost always on the left side originating under my breast and radiating upwards. Sometimes the pain goes to my jaw and sometimes the left shoulder and sometimes my back under my shoulder blade. It can be GERD. I noticed in your post you were lying down after eating - don't lie down at least 3 hours after a meal. It could also be trapped gas. Your intestine makes a sharp turn right under left breast area and gas can get trapped here. You can try drinking a glass of Metamucil once a day for a week and see if it improves.


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