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Hello All
I just wanted to come and post a note telling you all of my recent experience. I have had GERd for 15-20 years... at first I could control it with a few weeks on zantac and then go without for a few weeks zantac,, then prilosec, then previcid.. as my GERD continued to get worse over the years. We raised our bed a few inches and a few years later a few more inches, and then after getting to the point of sliding out of bed if I wore silk I started propping further up with pillows,,, with the bed at 8 inches up and five pillows under me for the past year, I could usually avoid waking with vomit in the lungs. I was put on meds for asthma.
I had read so much about fundoplicatioin the bad and the ugly seem to prevail... and even the thought of the manometry scared the pants off me.... but clearly something had to be done. :eek:
I went to Mayo. Within two weeks I was through the three scarry hoops.... Hoop one: Endoscopy which I had had before
Hoop Two: Manometry which was no where near as bad as it sounded
Hoop Three: Laproscopic Nissen Fundoplication.
The day after surgery I burped and now at one week am still burping just great. The day after surgery I was able to shower and quit pain meds. Two days after surgery we did the long road trip home. I am so excited. :bouncing: I had one previcid left in my bottle the day I went into surgery,,, and haven't used it yet.. I was able to remove the five pillows on our bed right away and feel the mattress against me for the first time in over a year :angel:
I just wanted you all to know that for me this surgery has been a real good thing so far :cool: and I am just hoping and praying that It will continue as it has begun.
I am very impressed with Mayo :D PS... I am adding this edit because I was just searching the board for others who went to mayo (I was belatedly afraid that I shouldn't have mentioned the clinic by name and might get kicked out) and noticed someone who was burping and feeling real well after having her fundo done at mayo and after reading through her emails noticed that she had the same surgeon I had at mayo,,, Dr. Cassivi,,, maybe the surgeon who does your fundo makes a huge difference in your outcome?

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