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I was hospitalized about a month ago, i was in class and i felt like i was gonna faint. I was in the hospital for about 2 weeks, they ran all sorts of tests, Heart, Head, Blood, EKG, Stress tests. Everything come out normal, but the doctor said I might have had a faint spell, and I also might have mild acid reflux. Gave me prescription for protonix, but i couldn't afford it, so I never took it. Well Two weeks after that felt great or at least normal. Now just last week friday, my faintness or dizziness has resurfaced, also have the taste of acid in my mouth all the time, and stomach troubles associated with reflux. I feel even worse now, because now, i feel very tight in my neck and head and violent twitches, it feels like at any moment I'm going to pass out.
I want to go the hospital, but I'm a college student with no insurance(expired beggining of the year). Last time in the hospital, I recieved aid, but the Aid didn't cover doctor bills, which I now owe over 1,000 dollars. I have no job, and I don't want to worry my mom, becuase she is the only bread bearer in the family with 6 kids. I'm going to take care of the bill myself, but going to the hospital again will result in more bills. But I'm seriouly feeling bad, it's been over a week now, 24/7 pain, get's better for a couple of hours. I have only slept for like 3-4 hrs a day for a week now. School is stressing me out (grades, tuition, housing, social life). I have been going to class thru this pain. Do u guys think the head pains are a cause from the stress of the whole situation. Can acid reflux cause migrane like headaches and pains. I don't wanna go to the hospital, only for them to tell me they found nothing and everything is normal, and then send me another 1,000 dollar bill. Please I need ur help!! Anybody.

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