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[QUOTE=Azghoul]I get this too. I go to bed around 3-4am and wake up about 6am with a racing pulse and palpatations. I take Toprol for high blood pressure and notice when it starts to wear off i get them. May be a combination of the two.[/QUOTE]

Strange! After reading your post i suddenly thought to myself medication. So i did a online check of medications i take. I noticed that Ramipril can cause you to have Fast Heart beat, so im wondering if that could be the cause, as i take one before Bedtime.
The Aciphex and the Protonix both give me nightmares and I wake up with my heart racing. I know it's from the medication because I don't have heart problems and never had this before. It's scary though.
Lately I have been having a "heavy heartbeat" not fast or fluttery. It has just been very heavy like i can feel it in my chest. I dont know if it's anxiety or some side effect of gerd but it is very scary. Again i have had 4-5 ekg's 4-5 xrays, 4-5 blood work, 4-5 urin work and an echo cardiogram and 3-4 doctors tell me my heart is fine. Well doc's it sure as hell doesnt feel fine :(
I think I found my answer here. I don't believe is my heart so naughty. It could be Gerd. I woke up at 3:00am normally with the sick tummy. I had nightmares and woke up with the flip flop heart. How you get Rx it is "Gerd"?
I wasn't on any medication at the moment. Thanks.

I get palps with my GERD sometimes and it absolutely freaks me out. And that's even though I've had my heart checked out and though I've been through this before and know that they will go away when the GERD goes away. It's enough to drive you bonkers, that's for sure.
Before you mentioned in a previous post about a supplement you were taking that helped your GERD symptoms a lot. I don't think you said what it was.I thought taking magnesium would help and just haven't taken it consistently. I'm not sure it but it might be making make me nauseous.
I am having palps and I think I pinpointed it to the Prevacid. When I was on Nexium I didn't have palpitations but just not real great Gerd relief. Just to be sure I am going back to the cardio doc to rule out heart issues, again!
Thanks for your help.
[QUOTE=taape]Are you taking any of the PPI medications? I'm sure that's why I have this because I've never had a problem before and when I stopped the medication, it went away.[/QUOTE]

im starting to think its the medication too. Even started to have Nightmares just recently. :rolleyes:
Are these dangerous like will it cause heart attacks. Has anyone reported these to their doctor and found out any information about it. If you've been checked out and don't have heart problems then is it dangerous. I haven't been to a specialist yet but I'm planning to ask.
Hi, I'm starting to wonder if "palpitations" (if that's what they really are!) are genuinely reflux-related. My own (brief) experience:

For some 2 months before I KNEW something was really wrong with me, I rather frequently had "heart palps" when I [I]lay down to bed[/I]. I thought maybe just too much blood was rushing to my head or something (although bed's elevated already - for snoring!). When they'd occur, they'd be quite discernable, noticeable for some 10 sec at a time or so.

After starting Nexium - but I can't say right after - I've frequently had these little "heart skips", or even "breath skips", MAINLY after [I]eating a meal[/I]. They'd be so brief I could hardly describe them, but that's the best I can come up with for these and the previous bedtime stuff - "palps".

I hardly ever have palps at bed now, but quite often after meals.

So my personal feeling is this is a symptom of reflux that doctors never talk about. No official medical or education site I've ever seen mentions "heart palpitations" as a symptom, but it seems alot of us talk about it!
So true. I've seen a lot of talk about it on message boards, like this one, but not elsewhere.

I did read one theory on several boards that talked about how reflux affects the Vagus nerve, which in turn will also affect the heartbeat.

All we ever seem to get from the docs is a heart workup and then they brush it off with a "don't worry about it" rather than an explanation.
If reflux affects the vegas nerve is this why I am so nauseus all day long?
Nausea, heart skipping beats, pain, funny shaky spasms? I get this and more and on zoton. Does anyone take anti nausea pills? If so which ones and do they work?
For those of you posting about herat palps & reflux.
Your vagus nerve runs next to your esophogus, I believe it also is connected or runs close to your stomach & lungs.

When The acid shoots up your esphogus it can irritate the vagus nerve thus causing heart palps. My GI called these A-Typical symptoms, I have a silent reflux, no heart burn, only heart palps, nausea, breathing difficulties, dizziness eventually I ended up with LPR because I had reflux for years and had no idea.

Also since laying down makes reflux worse then laying down will make the heart palps worse and so will eating or any activity that may make your reflux worse.

It causes a lot of anxiety to have your body acting crazy and not having an explanation. I never had anxiety problems until I spent a year with unknown reflux.
I have to say also tht I have tried countless meds, zegrid, nexium, pepcid, prilosec OTC & RX, tagament, zantac... Most of which increased my heart palps.

I am back for a scope next week, I have been off meds except tums for 14 months. I may try the remaining few meds there are.

I hope this helps with anyones anxiety. It helped me so much to know that there is a physical reason for my symptoms and that I am not losing my mind. Nothing is wrong with my heart.

Good luck
Yes you can sleep through an episode. I was waking up most nights when I was in my 30's with a feeling of something in the back of my throat. The doctor told me at that time that I was experiencing heartburn and that I should not eat or drink anything a couple of hours before bedtime. As time went on the episodes got worse. Four years ago I started regurgitating in my sleep and on two occasions actually inhaled a small amount. That was a rude awakening and extremely painful!

The doctor put me on Prevacid and a motility drug (my stomach takes an awful long time to empty) to aid in quicker digestion. I think the Prevacid may be part of the "heart palp" problem, but when I think about what I had been drinking that day I can chaulk some of it up to an increase in CAFFIENE!

The doctor also said that when I have an increase in chest pain it is due to the reflux so I should use a little spray of nitro. I know that sounds drastic (it certainly did to me!) but it actually works! The chest pain goes away and I feel much better...except for the nitro headache of course! Remember though I have been completely checked for heart problems and my nitro is endorsed by my doctor specifically for the reflux symptoms. Maybe those of you who are having increased chest pain with no heart problems could ask your own physicians about this treatment.

Good Luck!
I think the heart palpatations are caused by undigested food sitting in the colon (which in my opinion is the cause of reflux). If you notice when you wake up in the morning your full of gas. Anyway the colon moves up pressing against all your stomach, heart etc. When the gas goes away, pressure is off, heart tends to palpatate. It isn't harmful but scary when it happens.
I think anything that stimulates the vagus nerve can cause palpitations.
If I dare to drink something fizzy I often get a run of ectopic beats, or bending forward I can get them. If I ate to much and got bloated I would have a racing heart and skipped beats.
My husband has ectopics after having a heart stent. His doctor said that every cell in the heart can initiate a beat - so pressure from inside the heart or in most of our cases, under the heart, can cause ectopics.
I wish it was possible to post a link here because I was also reading about magnesium and palpitation - linked to gerd. I will update when I have re-read it.

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