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If reflux affects the vegas nerve is this why I am so nauseus all day long?
Nausea, heart skipping beats, pain, funny shaky spasms? I get this and more and on zoton. Does anyone take anti nausea pills? If so which ones and do they work?
For those of you posting about herat palps & reflux.
Your vagus nerve runs next to your esophogus, I believe it also is connected or runs close to your stomach & lungs.

When The acid shoots up your esphogus it can irritate the vagus nerve thus causing heart palps. My GI called these A-Typical symptoms, I have a silent reflux, no heart burn, only heart palps, nausea, breathing difficulties, dizziness eventually I ended up with LPR because I had reflux for years and had no idea.

Also since laying down makes reflux worse then laying down will make the heart palps worse and so will eating or any activity that may make your reflux worse.

It causes a lot of anxiety to have your body acting crazy and not having an explanation. I never had anxiety problems until I spent a year with unknown reflux.
I have to say also tht I have tried countless meds, zegrid, nexium, pepcid, prilosec OTC & RX, tagament, zantac... Most of which increased my heart palps.

I am back for a scope next week, I have been off meds except tums for 14 months. I may try the remaining few meds there are.

I hope this helps with anyones anxiety. It helped me so much to know that there is a physical reason for my symptoms and that I am not losing my mind. Nothing is wrong with my heart.

Good luck

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