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hi I was wondering if anyone has tried the ACV pills. I tried the vinigar every which way and still can't get it down. I am suffering with heartburn and the burning sensation in my throat. I have been on all kinds of meds but nothing seems to work. If anyone knows of any other alternative methods please let me know. thanks so much.
EVE - not regular apple cider vinegar. this has to be the [U]raw[/U] apple cider vinegar with the 'mother' in it. the mother is the good stuff that is proclaimed to be healthy for anyone to drink, gerd or not.

i have not tried the pills.

for about 3-4 weeks, i've been taking [U]RAW[/U] acv when i feel heartburn or pressure coming up. before that i was taking nexium every other day.

i find it intriguing that something acidic takes away the burning sensation in the bottom of my throat. how bizarre is that. when i feel that food is coming up, it also helps with that.

i'm not sure if acv will continue to suffice long-term, but for now its working. i really feel its too early to tell if this will replace drug therapy. the gerd may come back with a vengeance. i dont know.

and just for the record, acv tastes [U]so much better[/U] when mixed with [U]ROOM TEMPERATURE[/U] water instead of cold. i cant even drink it cold without feeling totally grossed out. in room temp water, i drink it without sugar - in fact it almost tastes sweet.

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