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Re: What is Lpr?
Jun 18, 2006
Hi I wondered if anyone here has the feeling of a lump and can they actually hear an audible sound when they swallow? I had a really bad sore throat about 3 months ago and about 3 weeks after I was over it I noticed that it felt like there was a lump when I swallowed, but I could also here it! If you put your hand on my throat you can feel a click sort of? It feels more like a muscle popping or something. I do suffer from some anxiety and have been on a anti depressant and am in the process of stopping. I think I have worried more about stopping them than I should, but hey I suffer from anxiety, what do you expect right? Anyway, I do sometimes have heart burn, but not regularly, but my family does have a history of acid reflux. I haven't been to a doctor b/c I have no pain with this noisy little lump of mine, but still it bothers me. I can't feel a lump from the outside, (believe me I've tried!) I do have some hoarseness, mucous and nasal drip. I notice the lump the most when I am lying on my back with my hands behind my head. Something about pushing my head forward makes it worse. Does this sound familar to anyone else or is it just me? It is worse for me later in the day to, and if I am doing anything else I don't notice it. I think maybe I am looneytunes and should just forget it, but then again it could be throat cancer for all I know.
Re: What is Lpr?
Jun 19, 2006
I am in UK. I have been diagnosed acid reflux. No one has mentioned LPR to me. I get very little hertburn, occasional chest pain. Some burping spasms at times. My main symptom is sore tight throat with excess mucous that sits there all day every day. I also feel like I cant breathe especially in the mornings. Sometimes if I bend forward the mucous automatically comes up in my throat (is is coming from my nose?) and I can get a lot out that way. I also have a slight cough. I am due to see hospital doc next week and I am going to mention LPR. I know the treatment isnt much different but it helps if they get the diagnosis right! My chest x-rays and endoscopy came back ok.
Has anyone tried anything alternative to PPI's for LPR?

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