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Mike.. what are your symptoms? I had a 89 on the emptying scan... I know I have slow empyting because if I belch like 4hours after eating, I still taste the food I ate. I also get reflux sometimes, but has subsided some due to the fact that I've stopped belching so much, even though I still feel like I need to because my stomach is always uncomfortable. I get bad chest pains and now back pains.. like something is pinching nerves. I get muscle aches and joint aches.. maybe from slow digestion or malnutrition? Do yo uhave any of these other symptoms? I had a EGD and everything came back clear...

btw.. have you seen a neurologist? A savage burning pain through your arm sounds like a pinched or irritated nerve...I swear that I think mine is all spinal/nerve related... the slow emptying, the pains, etc. I've been to a cardio, a GI, and even a neuro that took multiple x-rays and said he didn't see anything... today I'm off to an osteo to see if something is out of alignment... but I doubt he will see anything. My stupid insurance agency is so hesitant to OK MRI's... which is what I think I truly need to see what the hell is going on inside me

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