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Yes, I belch like crazy when I get the pain in hoping that it will stop the spasms... I have slow gastric emptying.. so I think my reflux and spasms occur because of food sitting in my stomach and weighing it down with no muscle movement to support itself.. like a limp heavy bag... though the belching really doesn't do anything but allow for more reflux to come up (LES opening constantly).. it's a catch 22 unfortunately... either sit there in pain from being bloated... or belch to relieve it and cause more reflux...... nothing I have found relieves the problem at all except exercise... I make it a point now to try and walk around briskly or jog after I eat... especially big meals, which I stay away from but honestly, it's really hard to do, I find it hard to eat 6 small meals a day... especially at work or if I'm trying to have an active social life.. I can tell through the day though my symptoms get worse and worse as more food seems to collect down there... it really stinks... I really don't want to try reglan because of the side effects and I'm already depressed about my condition and the pain... anyone have a good story with domperidone? I will pay the extra to have it imported if I have to... cause this just isn't very fun anymore... and what's worse.. my favorite foods were spicy foods and pasta :mad:

btw.. about the nexium... I've just seen/heard several comments about how nexium is supposed to be metabolised by the body better and that's why people think it works better for some people and not cause as many side effects... I'm not trying to push it.. I just had severe side effects with the others I've taken and nexium hasn't bothered me in the least bit and seems to be working correctly...I was about to give up all hope on using PPI's when I gave nexium a try...and am so thankful it worked

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