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I also have the burping and what feels like heartburn/indegestion. I can feel it in my throat alot. I have been having horrible jaw pains the last few days along with the heartburn feeling. Tums dont seem to be helping though i actually have been worrying that it is something with my heart. I went to the ER a few months ago with the pain between the shoulder blades, i still get that also but today it seems to be in my left shoulder and jaw its really annyoing me.
The pain from the GERD is radiating to the back. I remember once I swallowed a hard piece of bread crust and it hurt in my upper back as it was going down. This back pain is so annoying, harder to relieve than the heartburn but the same drugs help it. I usually have something hot like ginger or chamomile tea and a Tums or two. No particular time of the day for me.
Hi Moe. Yes I have been scoped 3 times over the last 16 years, with the latest one being done this past Saturday morning, at the hospital.

Believe it or not.....the lining of my esophagus is a beautiful healthy pink. I have no lining damage or scarring. It has been that way on all 3 scopes. One in 1995, next one in 2002, and the one I just had. All 3 revealed a small hiatal hernia that has not gotten any larger.

Prilosec worked for me for several years, and then suddenly in 2002, I started having horrible stomach pain upon taking it. That's when they tried me on Prevacid and my face and lips swelled up. Next was Aciphex which made me live in the bathroom. :eek:

Sat., they sent me home with a scrip to fill for Nexium. I have not done that yet. I know it's just a newer generation of Prilosec and one of it's common side effects is "abdominal pain" which is why I had to stop Prilosec.

I completely stay away from rich fatty foods, but I guess the loaded potato soup must have been to rich. Or at least....I guess that's what wound me up in the hospital for 36 hours.:confused: problem is spastic esophageal motility disorder. According to specialists, chest pain that bores into the back is the "hallmark" symptom of spastic esophageal motility disorders, and also patients commonly report difficuly in swallowing. The chest pain mimics angina. Patients also commonly report heartburn, regurgitation, and other complaints of reflux disease due to ineffective acid clearance from the esophagus.

I've never tried Pepcid. I'm thinking of trying a bottle of it.

The gastro that scoped me Saturday morning, said that treatment protocol, called for Xanax and even adding Bentyl, because Bentyl, treats GI motility disturbances. It blocks action of acetylcholine parasympathetic sites in secretory glands, smooth muscle and CNS. So he told me the next time I had a really bad attack, to take the Xanax/Bentyl together. I filled the bentyl scrip. We'll see what happens, and then I'll report.

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