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It Is My Son Who Is Going To Have The Nissen...
He Has Been On Zantac 3cc's Twice A Day And Prevacid 150mg Once A Day And Mylanta 1 1/2 Teaspoons Twice A Day. He Was Born With An Esophageal Atresia And A Te Fistula. He Has Severe Reflux That Is Backing Up Into His Throat Causing Him To Cough And Throw Up. He Has Asmathic Symptoms In Addition To All Of This. I Guess That Is All Yall Wanted To Know. If Yall Have Any Other Questions Just Ask. Thanks For The Prayers!!


Thank you so much for giving us this information. If I told you that he has not been treated according to standard reflux therapy, would you consider postponing the surgery?

I'm sure you are familiar with all the terminology, but please let me know if you aren't. What struck me immediately is that he is only being treated with 1 dose of Prevacid per day. (I am assuming you are treating him with 15 mg of Prevacid per dose, not the 150 that you listed, as 1 dose is typically 15 mg).

Treating chronic reflux, for all LPR patients, and many many GERD patients, requires 2 doses of a PPI per day. As you know, Zantac is not a PPI - it's an H-2 inhibitor, which isn't nearly as effective as a PPI.

The 2nd dose is what makes the huge difference in treatment for most people with either variant of this disease.

Some people take their doses together (like me) and some take them spread out. But I strongly urge you to try the double dose before sending him into surgery.

I always champion Nexium, as it is the PPI that has been most effective for me personally. I take 2 40 mg pills together in the morning. I have also added Zegrid before I go to bed. Zegrid is actually a new combination of prescription-strength prilosec mixed with sodium bicarbonate (Tums). It helps reduce the breakthrough reflux I have at night.

The Nissen Fundo has a very low success rate. Surgeons are quick to cut, because they make money from it. I had a surgeon push me really hard to get the Fundo when I was taking just 1 Nexium per day. That 1 Nexium was not strong enough by all means. A few months later, when another, smarter doctor figured out the diagnosis (LPR) and gave me the 2nd dose of Nexium, I stopped refluxing in 30 minutes.

I could take all the Mylanta and H-2 blockers in the world and I would shoot myself from the pain and discomfort. Only PPIs work for chronic reflux. Once you are on the double dose therapy, H-2s and Tums and Mylanta all are great for the occasional breakthrough reflux, but it's the PPI foundation that you have to get right.

You need to try the 2x daily therapy for at least 30 days (in most cases). In my situation, like your son, I had been on 1 dose daily for some time, so perhaps that was why the 2nd dose was so effective. Perhaps he will be lucky and respond as quickly as I did.

If your son does not respond to a Prevacid double dose, also consider switching the PPIs before you schedule surgery.

In particular, you should try double doses of Nexium and Aciphex before he has surgery. There is also Prescription-Prilosec (different than Prilosec OTC) and Protonix (which I don't recommend). He can also take Zegrid (another prescription med, but usually prescribed for supplemental use at night).

Good luck!

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