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[QUOTE=taape]I take it 2x/day --every 12 hours. I take it about an hour before I eat in the morning which means I take my breakfast to work. I take the second one 12 hours later but it's not usually on an empty stomach because I'm too hungry in the early evening to wait. It still works ok.[/QUOTE]

I use to take Protonix the same way that Taape did. But it never worked good for me. I am currently taking nexium one time a day and i feel better. However continue to have much break through reflux. May havet o go up to two pills a day. I am trying to hold off but...... I have been eating more to test things out. the lump in my throat is still there. the burning is there but not as much.

trying to hang in there. I am going on a cruise in Sept and have been putting off sending in final payment. I have to do it this weekend. I am scared to but do not want this damn thing to get the best of me. So I try anything right now.


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