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My story
Jul 20, 2006
I will try to keep this short. First, go read my post on the ENT board.

Secondly, I will tell you I plan to talk to my PCP about laryngopharyngeal reflux as an idea of what could be wrong with me.

I have always had bad allergies, but 2 years ago I got a nasty sinus infection that wouldn't go away with antibiotics. After a long 2 weeks of pain in my sinuses and green stuff coming out of my nose I awoke dried up, in pain, and very dizzy. Needless to say, I still feel the same today and have had 4 sinus surgeries to correct problems hoping it would cure me.

Anyhow no luck. My allergies are horrible and I have been taking allergy shots for 2 years. I also take Zrytec and Singular, but it keeps the dizziness down a bit but the night after I stop one or ther other I'm more dizzy.

I have a hiatal hernia and was diagnoses as having GERD a long time ago. I am overweight and all my problems started when I gained weight. I'm working on getting my weight down now.

I have post nasal drip as well as I feel like there is a lump in my throat and it is touch to swallow. Heck, I have trouble sometimes swallowing my own saliva believe it or not.

I could go on and on about my symptoms but if y'all want to do some more research about me I've been posting on and off on the allergy board and ENT board for quite some time.

Aswander was so kind to point out to me this my be my problem. I've never even thought about it honestly. To think acid may be getting into my nasal passages from the back of my throat is horrific. This would explain the damage done and the fact that I never heal and never get better and am continually dizzy.

What does everyone think? Any added advice you think I need?


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