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Hi all,
I have had heartburn/indigestion problems for a few years. Went through all the same stuff here as everyone else. Had an upper and lower about oh, I don't know 4 years ago or something like that. Just had some small erosion and then they put me on Nexium which I was then on and off of ever since.

I tried getting off Nexium a couple times but nothing ever worked very well so I ended up back on it about a half a year ago again.

Well I got tired of being on it and after reading some not so pleasant things about it and some of the side effects I looked up a Naturopathic that I found at a local health store called Sprouts and gave it a shot.

$150 bucks for the visit. Told her my story and she had me stop cold the Nexium, she said it was one of the ones that you could just stop taking anytime. So I stopped a couple days after that.

She put me on DGL before each meal, 1/2 tsp glutamine 2xday, 3 capsules of glycine 2xday and to take digestive enzymes, I talke papaya ones.

I was doing just ok, but ended up now taking over the counter Zantac as I still have indigestion and heartburn, sometimes also due to not eating right.

She said I may have to have a food alergy test (has anyone here had one? and did it help)

I have not gone back, and am still strugling with acid reflux, burping, indigestion and occationaly like right now some nausea.

I have not taken Nexium since but don't think I have thought of it.

1: I hear all about PPI's and other acid blockers. What is the difference, and what kind is Zantac?
2: Would another other than Zantac work better?
3: What works good for nasea?
4:I hear all about Apple cider vinegar, sounds gross. My naturopathic doc said to not try it right now as it increases the acid in your stomach? Does anyone here know anything about it? or has tried it and does it seem to work at all?

Thanks all for reading and any suggestions answers you might have..

Hi Dan-
I just read your post and felt compelled to reply. Your story sounds similar to mine, only I was dx'd last year and had an upper and lower GI, reflux and been on and off Prevacid mostly. The Zantac, is an acid suppressant also but not as strong as PPIs, that's my understanding.

Anyway, i went off prevacid about a month ago after all the side effects, depression and fatigue and was going to try the whole health route, did the apple cidar vinegar faithfully for about 2 weeks and the 3rd week noticed my throat burning worse than it ever has so stopped the cider. I've also been taking the DGL, and probiotics, and enzymes. They're all fine and dandy but I'm still having symptoms! AND I'm eating right! (except for a little ice cream ;) but basically I don't overeat and have given up all my vices:yawn:

I just got back from my Gastro and had a lot of questions, I also have a lot of ear and throat problems and she suspects allergies (food or whatever). I've never had a food allergy test though. She suggested Claritin for that and I may or may not try it--just hate taking meds..However she convinced me to try a LOWER dose of prevacid and I am going to since I don't want to end up with throat cancer -or stomach cancer, so you're damned either way it seems:confused:

For nausea, I take ginger, i have ginger tea, ginger mints, ginger chews, they really do help ! Maybe it's a placebo but hey if it works for me, that's good enough.
I also have these little black licorice triangle shaped semi hard candies(buy in health food stores or World Market, don't know where you are located but those types of places) --
They are [B]great [/B]throat soothers and have saved my throat many times or stopped that dry hacking cough I get which is so annoying.

May I ask what is it about the Nexium that you didn't like? Side effects?

I sure wish I knew what the answer was to all of this but it's pretty much a trial and error thing and then hope that you find something that works for you and doesn't cause problems down the line.:wave:

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