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I've been on and off prevacid for about 9 months now. taking myself off for the final time due to too many side effects.

I can relate to all your symptoms. For nausea I chew on ginger chews or ginger mints (altoids makes them), or sip on ginger tea. It helps a little.

lack of appetite is a huge thing with this reflux and I've lost weight this past month. I'm taking supplements and drinking healthy smoothies, eating what does have to maintain your health best you can.

My doctor also gave me a nasal spray because I have fluid in my ear and it clicks when I swallow or yawn--I feel it in there. It didn't help but then I didn't use it for long, don't like using meds as you can tell.:rolleyes:
I have had the fluttering in my esophogus mainly and it feels kinda like spasms or like when you're real nervous and get fluttery and queasy--I don't know if this is what you are experiencing. Don't know what to do about that.:dizzy:

I was very burpy before taking the prevacid and went away with the meds but I had other things that were worse!
I wish I had some answers for you and for myself. I'm still trying to sort out what works and what doesn't and get through each day. It's a challenge like no other, and I've had some health challenges.
Take care, and I hope you feel better :wave:

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