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I've been scouring the internet trying to figure out what in the world is going on! Let me give you a bit of information- it began last Friday, but I've experienced this before (a few weeks ago, to be exact). I get kind of a tightness in my chest, I have a tons of post nasal drip (but my nose isn't stuffy), and I'm constantly burping. Sometimes I burp up food.

I've had a few heart palpitations too, but it usually occurs right before I need to burp and I can't swallow and I panic.

I'm 24 years old, I exercise daily (and have for the past four years!) and I eat a relatively healthy diet. My last trip to the doctor (a few weeks ago) said I have excellent blood pressure (I always do) and my last blood test from the doctor (a year ago) said the same.

I've always had a "touchy" stomach with IBS like symptoms. Digestive disorders run heavily in my family- both of my mom's parents have had surgeries on their esophagus and stomach due to GERD and acid reflux. My mom can't eat tomatoes or anything spicy without burping non-stop.

I'm thinking that I'm showing the signs...but I'm a bit worried about the tight feeling I sometimes get in my chest. It doesn't worsen when I exercise. It kind of comes and goes. Could it be heartburn? Or is it allergies?

I've also had a few minor dizzy spells. They last for a second or two where I feel like I'm going to lose my balance.

And I've also had stuffy ears that feel like they always need to be unplugged. :(

Anyone with any insight on this would be much appreciated!

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