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My cardiologist told me ....two squirts of nitrolingual, then wait a couple of minutes if I can, if no relief, use Mylanta.

Esophagus and heart have smooth muscles. I have Gerd...drank drano when I was three, false teeth at three. So when I say acid reflux I mean it.

Seriously, I have fought it for years...Aciphex, Previced, Nexium and about 3 or 4 more. Formulary changes for Tricare and I have to find something else.

More problems. Mylanta "binds" morphine, so my pain killers are gone. Hard to know what to do. Right now I have acid reflux with minimal pain. But it is so frustrating.

Good luck with your back problems. I had that a few times last year, but it finally went away. Mine was a "breath taking" sharp pain that would have me literally jumping out of the bed at night. Glad mine is gone, hope yours does too.

I need to call my pharmacy to see if they have any opinions about the several meds I have for acid reflux....vs the pain killers. Wish me luck......

HEY...I have an idea. If they can make Mylanta with Cherry flavor, why can't they make it with Morphine flavor??

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