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I am 41 yrs old from England. My problems started 2 yrs ago when I had an ectopic pregnancy. After so many unexplained symptoms I went to Docs. After having numerous tests inc Full blood counts, thyroid, diabetes, menopause, liver function, cultured urines and scans of liver,upper abdo, pelic and womb probes, all normal results, I have been diagnosed by GP with Fibromyalgiaand IBS. I am waiting to see Rhematologist to confirm.
As a result of all of this I became a cancerphobe( probably the worst of all!) and still am despite having cognitive therapy.
In April this year I had a cold, sore throat and dry cough. Then I developed the "Lump" at the back of my throat.It feels like there is mucus there that I just cant swallow. Went to GP after 2 weeks and was told it was reflux as get bad heartburn too. Prescribed Omeprazole which I took for 2 weeks with no effect. Doc said to stop meds as it was probably something called Globus due to my anxiety thinking it is throat cancer. Another 2 weeks on he said it was Sinusitis and prescribes Sudofed with no effect. He now says its Rhinitis with post nasal drip. Taking Nasolex but its not helping much. They have referred me to an ENT specialist but only at my insistance as they have checked my throat for signs and lumps but everything is fine, they say. They offer me anti depressants for anxiety but they give me bad side effects and I have 3 kids to look after so I wont take them.
My symptoms are mainly the lump, excessive belching, occasional heartburn. I can eat and drink ok most of the time although some foods do get stuck sometimes. I have put on weight as eating and drinking seems to help the lump feeling.
I cant believe my luck at finding this site/ forum. Before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia finding their site was like getting my sanity back. I hope this site can do the same.
I am sorry to have gone on for so long but would like to ask some ?'s to you all.
1.Can any of you relate to my symptoms and did you do anything to eliminate them?
2.Does it sound like GERD,LPR or reflux? Did I not take the Omeprazole for long enough?(2 weeks). What other meds/ alternatives are better?
3. I have read that apple cider vinegar is good. Have any of you tried it and if so how do I take it?
Again sorry for the waffle but if any of you could help me I would be really grateful as its so important to me and my family. :confused:

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