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[B][FONT="Palatino Linotype"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]I am on omeprazole (generic for aciphex) once a day, 20 mg. for over a month now. I am still experiencing the common, normal side effects of GERD. (a feeling of lump in my throat, gnawing pain in stomach, burping, bitter taste in mouth, etc) Have most of you found on meds that the symptoms are just relieved or should i talk to my doc about possibly going to 2x a day because they are not completely gone? I am not sure really what to expect from this medication as I was just recently diagnosed and don't have much "experience" in the treatment area.

Also, I have looked around at the threads and havent really seen anyone mention these two symptoms as common with GERD but I am wondering if anyone has experienced this themselves? : I have a pain along the last 2 bones of my ribcage on the right side that almost feels like bruised bones or something (but have not bumped or bruised that area in any way)... it sometimes radiates closer to my sternum, sometimes closer to my side. I also sometimes feel the same sort of pain in my [I]back[/I] on the right side. There is also a feeling on the further outside right side that I get on a regular basis that can only be compared to the feeling of a side-stitch you would get from running. Does this sound like something else that I should just chaulk up to GERD symptoms? :confused:
Also, what about a feeling of tight chest, like I am breathing too shallow or I need to get a deep breath but really can't?:confused:

Any help or opinions would be much appreciated![/COLOR][/FONT][/B]

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