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It affects Gerd like you wouldn't believe. I went through some nasty panic attacks in June and my reflux was out of control. Just keep taking your meds for Gerd try and get your attacks under control. PM me if you need some more advice.
I also have panic attacks and anxiety and reflux. I don't know which came first
but what has helped me a lot is lorazapam for nerves. I also take ranitidine, pepto bismol, gaviscon and try not to eat too many carbohydrates. I didn't stay on PPIs because of side effects and they weren't helping much. I don't want to have the surgery if I can get by without it. I know people with anxiety often don't have as good an outcome.
I hope you do all you can to get your panic, anxiety etc. under control before you have surgery. The lexapro may be just what you need along with meditation and relaxation techniques. You may feel so much better that you don't need the surgery. It's a daily struggle and it's hard to do. You are so young and have so many people that need you. I hope you find some relief very soon either with medication or surgery so you can be at peace.
I've had a hard time figuring out what came first, the GERD or the anxiety. The anxiety got worse when I started choking on food from my reflux getting out of control. I do know that when my anxiety flares up, so does the heartburn and the trouble eating. I'd definetly see a Dr. about your anxiety and once that is under control it will more then likely make the reflux easier to live with. I feel better then i ever had now that I'm seeking help.
they do seem to go hand in hand more often than not, from what I've read on this board and from my own experience. I never even believed in panic attacks (for me) but last year I suffered from them, also same time my gerd/lpr was diagnosed. hmmm. now the anxiety is under control (no drugs, just mind control and breathing), but I still am stressed just living with all the pressure and stress that is REAL and surrounding me, so I think it all takes its toll.

what came first? and does it matter? :confused:

the truth is they are separate but connected. the physical symptoms of reflux are terrible and wear on your psyche.:dizzy:

some days i don't even look to the next day, I just look to the next HOUR to get me through. Just try to live in the moment as best you can with whatever tools/meds/help you can bring into your life.

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