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I'm wanting to know if acid reflux burns your throat like vomit does?

Last year I had a few distressing episodes where fluid was coming up from my stomach when I'd try to eat, and into my mouth, but it wasn't acidic at all. It didn't burn at all.

Soon after that, I read a book about the condition where a person produces too little stomach acid to digest their food properly ( hypochloridia ), and many of the symptoms were the same as too much acid.

Since the reflux didn't burn, and antacids had never worked on my heartburn, I started taking a stomach acid supplement called betaine HCl. I haven't had any more episodes of reflux, nor any sort of indigestion problem at all unless I forget to take the pills when I eat.

I mentioned this to my doctor, who seemed completely uninterested since I wasn't needing a cure at this point. :rolleyes:

As I was browsing this site, it occurred to me to ask if my original premise was sound- that since my reflux didn't burn, then I had low stomach acid. I drank some lemon juice, just to compare, since stomach acid is supposed to be even stronger than lemon juice, and the lemon juice really hurt my throat. I was sore for two days.

Low stomach acid seems to be my problem- since the recommended cure works. But I'm still interested, does acid reflux burn?
When I have episodes of acid reflux, it burns a little when it comes up, but then for a few hours afterwards, my throat feels sore, kind of like a burning feeling. But possibly yours could still be related to acid reflux of some sort. All of those stomach/digestive issues can sometimes be all related.

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