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[QUOTE=rgrantus87;2527517]I have been looking for the answer to this problem for awhile now and i think i may have found it but i want the opinions here. Lately when i eat or drink i have had some of these symptoms.

When i eat or drink i always get horrible gas, but i cannot burp, ever ever. I get this feeling like something is moving back up my esophagus into my throat causing me to constantly swallow and choke up. Yet i dont have an acidic or bial taste in my mouth. It just feels like this weird sensation near my lower esophagus and breastbone.In the morning i feel alright and i look nice and thin but as soon as i eat or drink anything i get really bloated. I feel like complete crap after drinking a soda or beer now and it is embarassing when i am out with my friends and cannot even sip a beer because of the symptoms that follow. I also sometimes get a fluttering sensation in my stomach and right where my heart is as well as what i would refer to as gurggling in my esophagus after i eat, i could also call this something like an "inner burp".

My mother told me that when she burped me as an infant i would projectile vomit from when i was about 4 to 8 months old.

Could this be GERD????? SOMEONE please help me and give me some ideas on how it could be alleviated PLEASE[/QUOTE]

I have the same exact problem. I can't burp. I try to burp, but nothing happens! It has caused me great difficulty, because eating/drinking (a daily occurence) makes the problem worse. I went to a specialist and he didn't have a clue. I have determined a few things over 40 years of this truly crappy situation. It is not GERD. It may lead to GERD though.

First, most people and doctors won't/don't understand. Its not a known disease. You'll be told you have gas. Duh! Like I don't feel that all day, everyday of my life. Everyone has gas. Its releasing the gas thats the problem/trouble. The specialist I saw determined it was psychological because he was too lazy to research and did not have an answer. Burping has nothing to do with your mental state.

Most likely, the problem is the sphincter that connects your esophagus to your stomach. In everyone else this sphincter opens to release air. Mine won't unless I induce a stomach regurgitation reflex. Its an awful way to dispel the air, but it works. I must stick my finger down my throat to make it happen and I'm sure the acid reflux caused by the contraction of my stomach is bad for my esophagus, but it is my only way to alleviate the problem. i must do it daily or suffer the consequences...

Some doctors will tell you its normal not to belch, but this is so severe, it feels like the stomach will split open. Its like the esophagal sphincter tightens when it should relax. The more gas in your stomach, the more the tightening of the sphincter!?! It is extremely not normal to have this condition. A stomach that is so full of air it could split open should allow a burp.

Some doictors will tell you to change your diet. Some will give your gas pills. These treat the symptoms, not the problem itself. I'm amazed that doctors haven't come up with a treatment or even acknowledged the problem needs more than talk and medication. There is some good news...

The problem has a diagnosis. Its called "the ring of schatzki" Google it.

I have a blood relative that had a simple procedure done in Canada to fix his problem. Turns out he was having lots of difficulty burping and had the same symptoms. The ring at his esophagus was 9mm wide. The doctor did a test with liquid and found this out. They inserted a balloon type device to the opening and enlarged the rings to 17mm or more. He can burp now.

I am now armed with a doctors name, the procedure, telephone numbers etc. so I can go back to the doctor that refused to help or do further research and hopefully get my "ring of schatzki" enlarged to burp normally.

By the way, if you try to burp by sticking a finger down your throat, a large shot of bourbon immediately prior really helps to make the reflex happen easier.

I wish all of you undiagnosed non-burpers well. It is a really crappy way to live and then have no recourse through the local medical community. There are several posts from people, all with the exact same symptoms yet no help.

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