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OMFG! Im so so soooooo glad i found this thread. Im going to give you the long spill of what im dealing with and i'll be damned if its not like the orginal post.

So, many months ago I was diagnosed with hypertension, because of head aches behind my eyes due to the blood pressure they found out that i have
HPB. So i take toprol for it (works great pulse stays right at 74 at almost all times) I work construction and even with heavy lifting it never stays high. Problem one solved.

Now around the same time my doctor reccomended i have a scope done b/c of my severe and i mean SEVERE!!! heartburn. Scope was done and i had a lot of damage to my esophageus (sp?) So they put me on nexeum. Problem 2 solved.

Now here i was thinking i was all better and ready to start rocking out again...wrong. Like the OP Im 25 and have drank a good amnt since about 20. One reason for the reflux being bad. As well as the BP. Now I have very high anxiety so the symptoms im going to describe are driving me C R A Z Y!

First is the pain in the left side of the chest. That artery or whatever it is that runs along the left side of the chest wall close to the arm pit is what i normally feel thumping. However my heart rate is always good 74 and sometimes in the high 60's. Second is the fact i am aware of my heartbeat when im not busy. IE sitting on the couch i can feel it thumping in my chest. The pain in the chest is on both sides on days where my reflux gets bad and i get gassy :( then it seems the gas pressure makes the dull stabbing feeling worse on both sides.

So one day this caused me a full blown panic attack. So off to the ER i rush. During the full blown panic attack they do a EKG and everything looks 100% fine. You would think that knowing that during an anxiety attack that my heart was fine that would do it for me...nope. Another 3-4 trips to the ER followed in the next few weeks. After 5 EKG's, 4 chest x-rays, blood work, urine work, multiple doctors and even an echo that showed up fine, im still not any better.

I also get pain right in the middle of my chest (sturnem??) I cant even sit still anymore b/c the more i shake my foot the less i feel the heart beat. None of the symtpoms seem to match heart disese b/c of the normal bp and heart rate. Unlike the other posters the alcohol seems to make me feel better. I suppose it calms my anxiety. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night panicky and worried im going to have a heart attack b/c of this constant left side of the chest pain and the feeling of my heart beat thumping in my chest. I hope any of this helps. Sorry its so long but damn if i didnt think i was going loco.

Oh and i do know from my doctor that gerd will cause you to have a cough and the gunk that comes with it. Sometimes it seems when i cough hard for a minute or so i get very light headed. Dont know if that makes sense. I also get short of breath but i think thats my anxiety. Thanks for listning.

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