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I am the original poster. Obviously, as I said, I have the exact symptoms that you described. I have had a bunch of heart tests (echo, ekg, ct scan) and they ruled it out (I am still not convinced). That is good that you had an echo. However, I am really surprised that they have not let you see the results. I would call them again and have them fax you the report. If you are in the US, at the very least, this is a right you have. Keep asking until you get it.

And you are not alone with the haziness. I feel it everyday. And the shortness of breath of night. The fun thing is that I now have huge coughing fits the following morning. Awesome!!! Anyway, after reading A LOT about acid reflux, your symptoms are right on for GERD (as are mine).

The waking up with a racing heart is also consistent with GERD. I am not sure why, but a lot of people cite that as a symptom. Mine has gone away since I have been on protonix, although some of the other symptoms (haziness, coughing, chest pain and palpitations) have not.

Someone else on here mentioned the possibility of an ulcer. Although I obviously hope it is not that, I will look into it.

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