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I've been posting over on the Thyroid boards for about a month, having some issues, have a benign cyst that we think started during my pregnancy last Spring. Anyway.. dealing with that and some other things have been extremely stressful. All of a sudden, the past two days, I have this weird feeling. It seems like it's my stomach, but at first I thought I was having a heart attack. It's like something is stuck in my esophagus, like my dinner didn't go down all the way, and I have this constant need to swallow, like I keep salivating?!? And today I've had the hiccups 5 times! I haven't had the hiccups 5 times even in a month's time. It's not a burning feeling, it's more of a feeling of pressure, and at times I feel like I may vomit from this salivation feeling. It's so strange to me. I have never been a real sufferer of heartburn or anything, had it once during my pregnancy after some tomato sauce, drank a glass of milk, and it went away. Could I have developed acid reflux? Does it just suddenly start like this? Could it be related to my thryoid? I have read a little bit over there of people experiencing both thyroid problems and reflux. What an I take to relieve it? Milk isn't helping. Right now I'm munching on pretzels, seems to help. I don't want to eat dinner, and I dread being awake all night again tonight from the discomfort!

Sorrry for my rambling, and thanks for any advice,

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