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Don't know what causes the bloating but I am extremely bloated today yet I was fine for the past week. Comes in waves. Just started Nexium three weeks ago for the 100'th time, does nothing for me. I have had the most ridiculous reflux symptoms for about 15 years now. My chief complaints have always been the constant throat clearing, soarness, thick mucus, post nasal drip and the bloating. After I eat a meal within an hour I am constantly trying to belch, I have to physically press on my stomach and sternum to force it out and it is big. Within minutes I have to do it again, it only brings momentary relief. I gag all the time from the post nasal drip. Anyhoo, not to get off the posters topic, I concer with the theory about the meds contributing to the bloating because of reduced acid production, BUT for years I was not on these meds and still had serious bloating. I just over the past two discovered LPR, never heard of it before. All these years going to a Gastro when I should also have been seeing an ENT. I am scheduled to see the ENT soon due to food getting stuck in my throat, small things like apples and peanuts.
I was also on Nexium, and it did cause me quite a bit of belching and bloating. Increased chest pains, GI said its from the increased gas pushing up onto the diaphragm. After a meal I sometimes get the bloat and then I feel my pulse start to race. It is scary. I also get the chest pains, which gets me anxious that sends me into an anxiety attack. I am now getting the post nasal drip, and the occasional clearing of throat and cough. I thought it was from a sinus infection. Well tomorrow I am going to see a new ENT and the next day my GI. Hopefully one of these guys can really figure out what is wrong with me and help me get some relief.

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