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Greetings to everyone. This is my first post on this particular forum. My name is Bill (obviously) and I have a problem that relates to my back and abdomen. It's happened to me about 3 or 4 times but this time is the worst episode. Doctors always chalk it up to GERD but I'm skeptical. It always starts with my upper back tightening up and then progressing to pain. Usually feels better when I wake up in the morning. This pain is like a warning of things to come. After a few days of back pain (always upper back between my shoulders) my abdomen begins to cramp and I get a bloated, crampy feeling under my sternum. I can't eat much of anything without this pain and bloating getting worse. The cramping is what I would describe as an extremely overblown hunger pain. Usually the cramping lasts only a two or three weeks and the back pain along with it. I'ts been a month this time and there is no relief. My back is not as bad but I still get some sharp pokes in the back especially at night. When I breath in deeply, I have a cramp under my left breast and into my lower left stomach area. I'm scheduled for an ultrasound today as I did show some slightly elevated liver function levels. Also have second set of blood tests pending for Hep A,B,C, blood iron, cholesterol, and something else but I can't remember. Has anyone else experienced this type of thing? I feel like it's some kind of rare disorder or something.

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