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I haven't been diagnosed with anything yet related to why my throat feels this way. I do have mild colitis, heartburn but I don't get the acid feeling coming up in my throat like severe GERD or acid reflux symptoms. I may have a problem with my gallbladder. On an ultrasound it couldn't be seen, my doctor said it was probably contracted up under my liver or I was born without one. Well on a hida scan I found out I do have one and it was filling up too slowly.
Does gallbladder problems cause any of these or similar symptoms? I don't get the classic gallbladder pain either. Just burning, churning, raw and gritty feeling all over my stomach.
Sometimes right in the belly button area, around that area of my stomach gets really tender and sore to the touch though.
Why does my throat feel this way? I haven't eaten a normal meal in 2 years.
I am scared, I don't want to die. I need answers!
I called and talked to the office manager at my gastroenterologists office and she said I can pay 1/2 of the office visit which will still be $40 and come in to see him. Thats if he doesn't do anything extra like bloodwork or any tests while I'm there.
I don't have insurance but I desperately need to see him NOW!
I go to see him monday oct 16 at 10am
I will ask about the dissolvable prevacids.
I just got home from work and I ate a couple of spoonfuls of pudding and again I have that raw, tight feeling in the back and down the sides of my throat. Just from eating pudding?
I am continuing to lose weight because I can't eat properly. I am currently 135. I am 5'10".
I don't want my doctor to hospitalize me because he thinks that I'm starving myself. I want to eat so badly and I've expressed this to my doctor and started bawling to him.
I am going to ask him if he will expand my esophagus when I go in for my visit and see if that will help.

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