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When my acid reflux is acting up my throat really tightens up and it feels so difficult to swallow anything, even water.
I can't stand anything touching my neck, even my shirt collar drives me insane and makes the tightening feeling worse.
My stomach always feels like its on fire inside. I don't have the liquid feeling coming up into my throat or I even know a few people who have the reflux or GERD so bad that acid comes up their throat and out of their nose sometimes.
I don't have it that bad.
But my stomach is always so raw, bloated feeling and it burns constantly.
My doctor prescribed me Prevacid.
I have been dealing with theses symptoms for about 2 years now and I'm scared that I have done irreversible damage to my esophagus that now Prevacid won't help.
Is anyone else on Prevacid? I have 30 mg capsules. I have trouble swallowing anything so am I allowed to break apart the capsules and just take the tiny beads inside or can I mix it with something light like pudding or something and take it that way?
Has anyone ever had a bad allergic reaction to Prevacid or did it make your symptoms worse?
Please post someone! Let me know!
Hi - I hope your doc appointment was satisfactory on Monday? Let me know what he said about your throat.
My throat and swallowing sound the same as yours. I never even considered that I might have GERD, or acid reflux, until I started looking on the internet. I never have that taste of acid in my mouth, but I wonder about other symptoms?? I'm afraid to take a prescription medicine, because I have seriously bad reactions to every medicine. I took old fashioned liquid Maalox a couple of days ago, but woke up in the morning with my stomach bloated and very painful.
Anyway, I hope you're feeling better.

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