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Acid reflux
Oct 16, 2006
I have the strangest symptoms and baffling everyone. I had a bad virus for two months with a really bad and violent cough that the mucus would get caught in my throat, almost everytime my son or husband had to do the hymlick maneuver to get me breathing again. Didn't sleep, hardly ate, became dehydrated and the doctors kept saying it was a virus and couldn't do anything for me. Than with the help of my master herbologist and naturopath was able to clear up the nasty cough and mucus.

I am feeling much better and am at least functioning with my job and life but am left with these really weird symptoms. During the day I still have a little cough left and when I cough or clear my throat I get this air pocket feeling in mt throat that makes me feel like a bullfrog and comes out like a big burp, sometimes the air goes down to my lungs and blows up down there and I can feel my lungs expanding. (Very uncomfortable) Sometimes while this is happening I get this smasm feeling coming from the back of my throat out to my mouth and makes me almost gag. The worst of all of this is in the night I wake up a couple of nights a week startled and jolted up in bed with my throat closed up and I am gasping and gulping and swallowing and trying to clear so I can breath. It sounds like a clucking noise while I am doing this. I am panicking through this and can last up to a minute before I can breath. It is very scary. Than I usually let out a cough or two and that sometimes make me choke again. Than my throat feels hoarse after that for a while. I have some of the acid reflux symptoms because I do have alot of hearburn and indigestion and have very loud burps too. Does anyone have any of these symptoms? I am desperate but hopeful. Thanks, Mati

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