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[QUOTE=yvonne49]I respectfully ask someone knowledgeable to correct me if I am wrong but I think the lungs, ear and eustachian tube may be affected by acidic gas?
I get really fed up with medical people . I can understand that they cant know every new drug and theory on the medical scene as they dont have enough time to keep up but they dont seem to know the old established basics sometimes![/QUOTE]

I agree! And it always seems like they are using simple copouts like "Well I bet its anxiety, here are some pills" or "Well what do you want me to do for you?". I have been met with both of these! For people on antianxiety meds for the correct reasons that is great and acceptable...but for an easy answer for doctors for a complex problem...NO!:mad:
Hey everyone,

I have been suffering with the same symptoms for a few months now and recently had to leave my nursing classes because I could not breath in class. I have symptoms of air hunger (continuous yawning because i feel like I cant get enough air in) and then my heart races and I feel dizzy and weak. The night before I was also having acid reflux really bad and I remember saying to myself "Oh boy here we go" (nothing good ever came out of the gurgling noise at night). That day I walked into a clinic and the doctor told me he thought it was due to ANXIETY and that I was probably hyperventalating and also gave me zyrtec and singulair cause he said maybe I was coming down with some asthma. Being so desperate for an answer I went along with the samples of medication and I am still taking them today. I should also mention that I am taking PROTONIX which sometimes helps (better that my symptoms in the begining). As for the anxiety thing I didn't recall feeling anxious at all, in fact I was quite relaxed and then all of a sudden I could not breath that well (no wheezing though). I wasn't very happy being told that it was all due to anxiety when I really didn't feel anxious, I also felt like it was an easy out for the doctor:mad: I was also having abdominal pain and was tested for an stomach ulcer which came back negative. Last friday I was eating at a mexican restraunt and the bought of difficulty breathing came back. I also had post nasal drip afterwards. I was recently reading a report on [B]Hiatal Hernia[/B] and the symptoms match what I have been feeling. [B]Symptoms are those of GERD and include difficulty breathing, chest pain and difficulty swallowing.[/B] I intend to see a gastroenterologist eventually to see if I do have a hiatal hernia.:blob_fire I would feel much better knowing what in the world is going on! Hope that helps a little! Good luck with everything! :wave:

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